Rape Survivor Appears On Stage With Her Rapist To Tell Their Story

Awoman who was raped, and the man who raped her, have appeared on stage together to deliver a TED talk recounting the incident.

Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger met in 1996 when Mr. Stranger was visiting Ms. Elva’s native Iceland on an exchange trip from Australia. He was 18 at the time, two years older than Ms. Elva, and they dated for a few weeks.

Following a school dance, at which Ms. Elva drank rum for the first time, Mr. Stranger took her home and put her to bed. Then, as she says in the talk, “he proceeded to take off my clothes and get on top of me.

 “My head had cleared up, but my body was still too weak to fight back, and the pain was blinding,” she continues. “I thought I’d been severed in two.

“In order to stay sane, I silently counted the seconds on my alarm clock. And ever since that night, I’ve known that there are 7,200 seconds in two hours.”

TED Talk

Mr. Stranger tells the audience: “I have vague memories of the next day. The after effects of drinking, a certain hollowness that I tried to stifle. Nothing more.


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